LCAP Brand Value Proposition

LCAP Brand Value Proposition.

August 2nd, 2022



LCAP, a leading strategic consultancy business, approached Champions with the need for clarity on its business, and how it can best target its audience in line with the other sub businesses.

Furthermore, LCAP required guidance on how to be consistent with its marketing and messaging, ensuring it engages with the correct audience in a consistent and educational fashion, ensuring that consumers choose LCAP and the wider LCAP Group offering over other competitors.


To answer this requirement, the Champions Brand Strategy team created a Brand Value Proposition to be used internally by the LCAP team when promoting the UK proposition to investors, partners, and the market.

The document outlined LCAP’s current market insights and target audience, as well as provided a review of its existing imagery and styling, to better understand what improvements were needed and where to deliver the best results.

Additionally, Champions conducted a competitor analysis, which contained insights as to how LCAP’s competitors were currently behaving in what is an incredibly competitive market and highlighted any potential areas for improvement.


As a result of the Brand Value Proposition, LCAP is in a prime position to establish market dominance for leadership intelligence products within the private equity sector.

LCAP will now have greater clarity on how to approach its future marketing campaigns, including appealing to a target audience that consists mostly of curious private equity investors.


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