Mattioli Woods – Website Navigation

February 13th, 2024

Mattioli Woods is one of the leading providers of wealth management and employee benefits in the UK, with more than 12 branches in major cities throughout the country.  

Last year, the website was in need of an overhaul, particularly for its user journey and website navigation. This led to the company reaching out to Champions for the expertise of our Website Design and SEO teams. 

The Brief 

In order to provide Mattioli Woods with an improved website, three key areas were looked at. Firstly, a new sitemap with a strong focus on keywords and phrases to attract organic traffic, then ensuring that the sitemap reflected the current services that the business provides more effectively. The final focus was ensuring that the user experience would be improved through an easier-to-navigate menu. 

The Strategy 

Champions initially reviewed competitors who were performing strongly within the same industry, seeking out examples of successful websites. 

Through tailoring the best findings from the websites of Mattioli Woods’ competitors, Champions could implement some of these best practices with the foresight of making trusted improvements to the website.  

Then through conversations with the Mattioli Woods team, Champions was able to gain a better understanding of what sort of keywords would be relevant for its audience, enabling us to utilise our SEO tools to then collate the highest-ranking keywords. 

The Champions team also carried out A/B testing to effectively collect data about what theories were more successful than others.  

After this research, Champions created a URL structure update plan, which involved mapping 301 redirects to new locations and ensuring that no organic value was lost. 

The Results 

Following the implementation of the updated website navigation, Mattioli Woods achieved: 

5.3% increase in average engagement time

5.3% increase in average engagement time, proving that the new navigation impacted overall engagement

16.4% increase in average engagement time per session

16.4% increase in average engagement time per session, further proving better engagement from the new navigation

4.58% reduction in bounce rate across the entire website

4.58% reduction in bounce rate across the entire website, indicating that users better interacted with the navigation

147% increase in sessions conversion rate

147% increase in sessions conversion rate, suggesting that the new navigation better suited users, enabling them to easily find the service page they require

4% increase in organic visibility

4% increase in organic visibility as a result of streamlined keyword research


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