Orange Genie Brand Value Proposition

Orange Genie Brand Value Proposition.

August 2nd, 2022

Orange Genie.


Orange Genie, an outsourced employment and accountancy specialist, came to Champions to better understand how to utilise its two divisions: Orange Genie Umbrella and Orange Genie Accountancy as the business continues its growth.

With a large network of agencies and clients falling under both divisions, it was important for Orange Genie to reduce its chances of cannibalising its client base while finding opportunities to expand into new territories.


Champions worked closely with Orange Genie to conduct a fully comprehensive Brand Value Proposition that identified the business structure, its target audience, as well as other assets such as visions and values, sales approaches, USPs and key messaging across both divisions of the business.

Upon identifying these areas, Champions then provided tangible suggestions as to how Orange Genie could improve in certain areas, and how such improvements would look in one, three and five years’ time.

Additionally, thorough competitor analysis was conducted to provide Orange Genie with insights into how its competition is currently working within the market, offering the client an inside look as to how it can grow its business in the next one to five years.


With the completed brand value proposition, Orange Genie can ensure it remains up to date with the latest market and industry changes, allowing the business to take advantage of any potential opportunities while proactively creating educational content that provides added value and reinforces the brand’s position as a thought leader.

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