Matthew Hayes.

Matthew Hayes Managing Director

June 11th, 2019

Creativity is the ideas tool, and productivity is what drives us forward. Together, they combine to achieve success.

When sitting down to write a piece of work, creativity and productivity are two vital ingredients needed in order to produce a quality piece of writing.

However, sometimes, particularly when deadlines are approaching, striking the right balance between the two can be difficult.

It is important to get your creative juices flowing but not at the expense of productivity and here at Champions Publishing we have created our own guide on how to get the balance right.

Switch between creativity and productivity

Before you start your work make sure your end goal is in mind. If you have the time to explore new ideas, then let your imagination run wild! If you don’t then prioritise!

Also, if you feel more creative at certain times of the day, such as in the morning, or after lunch, utilise this time for your more creative projects. Maximise what works best for you.

Limit distractions in your environment

We can all be guilty of a little procrastination now and again, but there are ways to ensure you don’t succumb to it. This includes switching off your mobile phone, isolating yourself from others, and if you’re working from home doing so in an environment where you are your most productive.

It’s all about realising what works best for you whether that is listening to music, complete silence or a mixture of the two. Once you know this, you will then be able to work in an environment which suits you best.

Save high-priority tasks for when you’re in the zone

Everyone’s daily routine is different, and creativity naturally occurs at different times of the day for different people. Therefore, it makes sense to save tasks of this nature for these hours in the day.

Similarly, people’s productivity increases and decreases at different times of the working day so be sure to use these productive sessions to get the bulk of your work done. It is important to be disciplined in our work especially when we are trying to be productive. Set yourself small goals and deadlines during these working hours as this way you will be more likely to stick to a schedule and therefore maintain productivity.         

Take breaks

To maximise both creativity and productivity, you need to ensure you are in the right frame of mind to perform to your best. One way to ensure you do this is by taking regular breaks throughout the day.           

This is particularly important if you’re working on a computer for large amounts of time as all that screen time can take its toll.

Heading for a walk, grabbing a drink or snack or even just taking five minutes to chat with a colleague can all help to keep you on-task when you return to working.

Our most creative moments often come in short bursts, therefore taking breaks can help you to keep your creativity flowing. Likewise, being productive at work is most effective when you can take breaks. There will be occasions when this is not possible as you have to meet deadlines but on the whole to produce the best work, these breaks can be extremely beneficial.      

Perfect your time management

For both productivity and creativity time management is key. If you can get this right, then balancing the two can be made easy. Prioritise your tasks in order of importance, this way you know exactly what needs to be done and by when.

Once this is done you will be more aware of what tasks require you to be more creative and which need to be done in a more productive way.

All of these tips can help your work to become better balanced and more well-rounded.

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