June 14th, 2019

Let’s take a nostalgic walk down memory lane as we throw it back to the books that everyone remembers. Whether you were a reading tree swot or book fair baller, every title in the list below is bound to evoke memories of a simpler time.

Kipper the Dog

They call him Kipper… Kipper the dog. This delightfully gentle children’s series was focused around the adventures of Kipper, Tiger and Pig and went on to win multiple awards thanks to its mild but sweet storylines. It later also became a very popular kids’ series that even won a BAFTA.

The Magic Key: Biff, Chip and Kipper

This iconic series was most 90s kids’ first introduction to ‘proper’ reading. The series followed the lives of three children and their friendly dog as they were taken on adventures thanks to their magic transporting key.

Rainbow Magic series

There are over 200 rainbow magic fairy books, and let’s face it they are all pretty much the same! However, as a kid these were iconic and a must read for every girl who wanted to prove her princess credentials. The bane of every parent thanks to their monotonous nature, the Rainbow series is still going strong to this day.

The Rainbow Fish

Another offering from Rainbow and this time its aquatic themed. The Rainbow Fish was a surprisingly deep book that taught us all about morals in a lighthearted way. Iconic thanks to its shiny scale cover, the story stressed the importance of sharing and other messages that very few children probably picked up. It also later gave rise to a weird and wonderful animated TV show that many of us watched as well.

The Gruffalo

Almost a horror novel for kids, if you were one of the few who was brave enough to make it to the end, this story had a surprisingly sweet conclusion. Nevertheless, tension of epic proportions was created all over the nation at bed time, thanks to the book’s famous tagline ‘have you heard of the Gruffalo?’ and the sinister deep, dark woods setting.

Anything Jacqueline Wilson

Occasionally an author comes along who manages to capture a generation, and Jacqueline Wilson did just that. Tracey Beaker was released in 1991, and soon became a right of passage for every tween to read. Never one to shy away from more serious themes, Wilson turned out hit after hit that we all lapped up, and it has since become a popular television show


R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series was definitely one for the older kids. Usually the obnoxiously loud boys in class! However, there can be no doubt that the concepts were brilliant, from Frankenstein’s monster to swamp creatures, the books were packed with spine-chilling adventures that made even the toughest of ten-year olds check under the bed.

A series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

These mock gothic books with the wicked Count Olaf were another slightly more sophisticated offering for kids.

Read by brave nine-year olds everywhere, the story followed the tragic lives of the Baudelaire children and their various misgivings as they struggle after the death of their parents.

My Story books

Bought by parents who actually wanted their children to learn something, the My Story books followed the lives of a young character living throughout an important time in history. The Titanic edition was particularly popular, complete with a suitably naff ‘heart of the ocean’ necklace replica.

Ella Enchanted

Published in 1997, Ella Enchanted was a Cinderella of sorts for tweens. The story had everything that young girls dreamed of, gorgeous dresses, handsome men and a dose of magic. Plus, there were some important life lessons amongst all of the frivolity that many of us took heed of.

Horrid Henry

This list wouldn’t be complete without the 90’s most rotten tearaway! Horrid Henry paved the way for rebels everywhere to cause classroom mayhem and terrorise their siblings.

Author Francesca Simon had the ability to capture how major our relatively-narrow childhood worlds were perfectly, from the monumental drama of school to the epic battle for the TV remote.

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