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Angus Twidale PR Executive

May 14th, 2019

It is no secret that the magazine industry has hade to cope with some significant changes in recent years. From declining print sales to advancements in social media and digital tech, it is fair to say that the print publishing industry looks very different now to what it did 20, or even 10 years ago.

However, while the landscape of the industry has probably now changed forever, there are still plenty of publications out there who are riding high and still enjoying great success. Magazines still hold a place in the hearts of many Brits, and in 2018 more than 40million people in the UK consumed some sort of publication*.

This demonstrates that, despite their issues, they remain popular, among many people and here at Champions Publishing we have provided a rundown of some of the most successful British magazines and take a look at how they’ve maintained their success over the years.

Radio Times

A staple of British culture, Radio Times is a weekly magazine which has focused on radio and television in the UK since 1923. The world’s first broadcast listings magazine, Radio Times went on to become one of the most iconic publications in the country.

Each edition sees the magazine publish television and radio listings as well as including insightful features and articles on the latest up-coming shows. Put together by the BBC, until 1991 the magazine focused purely on the BBC and did not include any information from other channels. However now, information on all TV channels in the UK is included.

While circulation has been steadily decreasing, due to televisions now having their own on-screen guides it remains one of the most successful British magazines. This is largely because they are continually developing their offering and incorporating new features for readers to enjoy.

They also regularly release special editions to cover big events and their annual Christmas magazine has become a tradition in living rooms throughout the country.

Vogue (Britain)

The UK edition of fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue continues to be one of the most profitable publications in the country. Since it was launched during the First World War it has showcased the very best in British fashion and has always strived to set the standard in the industry.

Unlike their American and European counter parts, the British version of Vogue doesn’t purely focus on fashion and includes articles on society, sport and health. On of the main reasons why the publication continues to flourish is due to the revenue they bring in from advertisers.

On average they charge around £16,000 for an advert in their magazine and are regarded as the most commercial of all the editions of Vogue. As well as this they have really embraced the digital side of the magazine industry launching VogueTV on the magazine’s website which covers catwalk shows and interviews with models.


Interested in the latest celebrity news and gossip? If the answer is yes, then the chances are you’ve come across OK! For the last 25 years the publication has provided news on the biggest celebrity stories, including weddings, pregnancies and relationship breakdowns. Over the years some of the biggest names in the world have told their stories to OK! including Prince William, the Kardashians and Michael Jackson.

While the magazine is no stranger to criticism having found itself embroiled in a number of controversial lawsuits over the years, this has not deterred its loyal readership. One reason it remains so successful is due to its presence in other media.

As well as their website which is updated daily, they have broadcast their own television programmes in the UK and America which discussed the biggest celebrity news stories. They also have a weekly podcast, OK! Insider, which focuses on that week’s edition of the magazine.

The National Trust Magazine

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, The National Trust Magazine is the most successful publication in Britain with a circulation of over two million. Dedicated to supporting wildlife in Britain, combating pollution and maintaining the UK’s greatest natural habitats, The National Trust was founded in 1895 and the magazine replicates its philosophy showcasing ways that people can get involved with its many projects.

Published three times a year, it includes stunning photography, behind the scenes stories from people within the National Trust and information on all of their latest projects and ways readers can support them.

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