The Top 10 Best Ads of the Euros 2020

The Top 10 Best Ads of the Euros 2020.
Dan Gough.

Dan Gough Head of Brand Strategy

July 2nd, 2021

Over the years, we’ve seen many iconic adverts, with famous sporting events such as the Super Bowl providing the perfect opportunity for brands to create and showcase their best advertisements to a huge audience.

And as football season is now in full swing, we’ve already started to enjoy some great adverts from some of our favourite brands as they join the celebrations for the return of the delayed UEFA Euro 2020 tournament, getting football fans raring to go ahead of the finals.

Whether you’ve been actively watching the football or not, we’re sure you would’ve seen some of these adverts, instantly recognising them as Euro 2020 advertising campaigns.  

Why brands utilise sports advertising

For brands that operate in the right industry or sell the right products, sports advertising can open up a whole new world of advertising opportunities, helping them to reach out to an even wider audience.

Often, brands attach themselves to sports content in a bid to break barriers, targeting an audience far beyond their usual expectations.

A whole new ball game, sports advertising campaigns allow brands to target fans in fresh ways, while capitalising on the increase of families sat at home watching the likes of football on their televisions.

Additionally, due to the average age bracket of football fans, brands looking to reach the highly sought after 18-34 year group of both men and women can expect to see fantastic results when advertising campaigns during football season.

With that being said, here are 10 of the best ads we’ve seen come out of the Euros 2020 so far.

1. Adidas: Its Coming Hame

It simply wouldn’t be football season without an appearance from iconic sporting brand Adidas, and they certainly ruffled some white and red feathers this year with their controversial billboard advert. Poking fun at the well-loved “Footballs Coming Home” song, the stark blue billboard sees the word “home” spray painted out and replaced with the Scots word “hame”.

This was a perfect way for the kit sponsors to celebrate Scotland’s involvement with the Euros this year, while unapologetically injecting some extra friendly competition.

2. BBC: Our Wait is Over

As one of the largest broadcasters of news and sporting events in the world, the BBC was naturally ecstatic to report it is the go-to destination for 24/7 Euro coverage across multiple platforms including TV, radio and online.

With their ad titled “Our Wait is Over”, the BBC used an almost nostalgic cartoon style to depict a waiting room full of football fans and legends alike, patiently waiting for the game to begin, while perfectly catering to each competing nations fanbase to ignite the football fever in fans once more.

3. ITV: The Good Times Start Here

Hoping to draw in the attention of viewers much like the BBC, ITV launched an advertising campaign to build hype, anticipation, and awareness of their coverage of the Euro 2020 tournament.

Bringing in ex-football legend Ian Wright, the ad showed how football can inject some much-needed fun and colour into a monochrome world, and aptly titled the ad “The Good Times Start Here”.

4. Paddy Power: #SaveOurGame

It seems controversy is doing the rounds this year as Irish gambling site Paddy Power created an online ad to encourage the Irish to support England…

In an interesting twist, and using the hashtag #SaveOurGame to promote awareness, Paddy Power have promised to donate at least €10,000 to Irish football for every England goal, which, in turn, gives both teams something to be happy about!

5. Heineken: The Hall of Fame

Of course, as the official Euro 2020 partner, Heineken had to appear on the list, and they certainly earnt their spot with their “Hall of Fame” advertisement which celebrates the clash between England and Wales.

Featuring Welsh legend Robbie Savage and former rival and friend, Rio Ferdinand, the video advertisement shows mischievous Robbie pull an intricate set-up on Ferdinand, leading him to believe he’s being inducted into the prestigious Heineken Hall of Fame.

Featuring wholesome shots of humour, friendship and harmless trickery, the ad accurately and creatively displays the fun in football rivalry and represents Heineken as the brand that brings everyone together.

6. Coca-Cola: Open That Coca-Cola

As one of the biggest, most recognised brands in the world, Coca-Cola doesn’t necessarily need the extra marketing associated with a Euro 2020 ad but was of course going to get involved and have a bit of fun, and they did so with their new “Open That Coca-Cola” Euro 2020 advert.

Reusing the slogan “Open that Ooh! Feeling”, Coca-Cola re-confirmed their continued association with all-things football, establishing themselves as the go-to soft drink for watching the game.

Also, for the eagle-eyed viewer, a little easter egg was left in the ad, which featured none other than Harry Kane. Did you spot it?

7. Deliveroo: England ‘Til We Dine

As England’s official sponsor, Deliveroo had to get involved with the action, and used the opportunity to remind people of the significance of enjoying quality food while we watch the tournament this summer.

Titled “England ‘Til We Dine”, the ad shows well-loved England players interacting with all different kinds of takeaway foods, reminding the people at home that even the football stars have the idea of a cheeky takeaway on their minds, whether it’s match day or not.

8. Greene King: If You Can’t Be There, Be Here

For many, the idea of watching the footy and enjoying a cold pint in the pub go hand in hand as naturally as an ice cream on the beach, and Greene King really tried to capitalise on that mindset with their Euro 2020 ad.

Featuring football legends such as Jamie Redknapp, Ally McCoist and Ashley Williams, Greene King’s “If You Can’t be There, be Here” ad acts as a subtle prompt to get people to book tables at Greene King pubs, which they like to call “the home of pub sport”, to enjoy a riveting game of football.

9. Betfair: Because We’re Betfair

While we’ve come a long way in recovering from the pandemic, naturally, apprehension remains, and there’s still plenty that brands need to do to protect consumers and reassure them that their safety is paramount.

Using a Euro 2020 campaign, created by Pablo and called “Because we’re Betfair”, Betfair have now taken an official stance as the first bookmaker to remove cash out suspensions which addresses a key pain point experienced by football betters during the pandemic.

10. Snickers: Bothlands

Last but not least, we have none other than iconic confectionery brand Snickers, and it comes as no surprise that they developed a fantastic ad for the occasion.

In an attempt to ease the age-old rivalry between England and Scotland, Snickers released a rather cheeky ad titled “Bothlands”, which saw players from both teams come together to set aside their differences in front of an audience of cheering fans, albeit begrudgingly, with the odd sigh or shake of the head as the camera pans across the players.

With the slogan “Snickers: officially awkward sponsor of England and Scotland”, Snickers obviously had a whole lot of fun with their Euro 2020 ad while, yet again, perfectly reflecting their often humorous brand identity.

With the frustrations surrounding the cancelling and rescheduling of the event last year due to the pandemic, as well as the natural complications surrounding spectators, brands have done a fantastic job of using their advertising skills to get football fans back in the game, creating a positive, more enjoyable atmosphere for all.

So, what do you think? Are these some of the best adverts of all time?

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