Top 5 Reasons why your Logo is More Important than you Think

Your logo is the face of your brand; it’s the first thing customers see. Make a good first impression and experience many more benefits with a strong logo.
Top 5 Reasons why your Logo is Important.
Matthew Hayes.

Matthew Hayes Managing Director

September 22nd, 2023

Without a strong logo, your business is destined for failure. That may seem dramatic, but a logo is the visual identity of your brand, and the first thing customers see when interacting with your business.

So, making a good first impression doesn’t apply just to people, but in fact your logo can act as the face of your brand – and therefore making sure it is strong is important right from the start of your business journey.

Despite it being regarded as a small picture or symbol, or just some colours and a certain font, your logo holds much more significance for the entirety of your business’ operations.

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple logo, because a study discovered that more than two thirds of toddlers were able to recognise the logo of McDonald’s - a perfect example of a long-lasting logo.

The value of a logo is placed in the success of your business growth, and if you want to become a market leader and gain a large customer base along with high levels of brand awareness, you need to ensure that your logo reflects the standard that your business aspires to work towards.

In fact, customers are 73% more likely to purchase from a brand they know and recognise, so making your logo known should be a key part of your marketing strategy.

In this blog, you can find five reasons why your logo is much more important than you think...

Brand recognition

As the visual representation of your brand, a large part of your brand recognition is derived from the strength of your logo – and it is often the first thing that customers see when interacting with your brand.

A well-designed logo never fails to work wonders for your business’ success, pushing for growth and brand awareness with a more memorable, identifiable brand and logo.

Then, if customers see your logo repeatedly across platforms, they will gain some familiarity and recognition with your brand.

Brand identity

A logo plays an essential role in establishing your brand identity – which encompasses the personality, values, and mission of your business.

The design of your logo should reflect your brand identity, such as with the colours and typography and how they align with your brand voice.

With a clear brand identity, your brand will be more humanised, which can make it more inviting to potential customers.


Particularly in saturated markets, ensuring your brand stands out and is recognisable is key. And, with a likeable, memorable logo, you are likely to differentiate yourself more easily.

When looking to achieve strong levels of differentiation, don’t shy away from unique colours, fonts and imagery. Being able to create a distinctive logo and brand identity can set you apart from the competition, which can help you to carve a niche in a busy market.

Long-term investment

When investing time and resources into creating a strong logo, you’re investing in your brand’s success.

If your logo is well-crafted, it will stand the test of time and as a result, become timeless, ensuring your business achieves long-term success and avoids the need for frequent redesigns.

This also ties in with the risk that by regularly changing your brand logo, you can dilute the strength of the logo and its ability to maintain relationships with customers.

Brand Loyalty

Relating to the previous point, through a recognisable, trusted logo, you can encourage an emotional connection with your audience.

With brand loyalty comes the benefit of steady income from returning customers, and individuals are more likely to purchase from companies they feel an emotional connection to – and a memorable logo can aid that connection.

Do you need a new logo?

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