Euros 2024: The Power of Marketing

As the 2024 UEFA European Championships draw close, it’s always intriguing to look at the most innovative marketing tactics that associated companies create.
Jared Miller.

Jared Miller Communications Executive

June 10th, 2024

An effective, poignant campaign can often be as memorable as the football itself. We see in other major sporting competitions the crucial role advertisement plays. 

Take the Superbowl for instance; this year’s instalment was a record-breaking event in terms of global viewing figures, the most for any U.S. telecast since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the Moon in 1969. 

Research has shown that environments involving ‘the beautiful game’ heighten audience engagement by 30%, while raising brand sympathy by a further 50%. This summer will act as a prime opportunity for businesses to truly showcase their marketing creativity, and leave an imprint on the minds of the millions who tune in for each game. 

Looking at some of the advertising schemes by well-known companies back in the 2020 Euros, it’s easy to remember and associate the advert with brand.  

Why Now?

By utilising major sporting competitions, businesses can broaden their marketing horizons and access consumer bases left previously untapped. As viewers tune into the game, effective marketing will tune into a consumer’s thinking. 

When considering these types of advertisements, decision makers need to ask themselves forward-thinking questions.  

How can your product/service help audiences get the best time out of their viewing experience? How is your company distinguishable from competitors based on its matchday enhancement? How can you create one-of-a-kind content which still relates to large consumer bases? 

The best sporting event-based campaigns will all have targeted these areas in planning stages, as there’s no worse way to stand out in a competitive landscape than with diluted, unrelatable content. They’re also not afraid to explore other subject matters which they feel will resonate with fans, whilst remembering that a Euros audience will be different from an average, match-going persona. 

Previous noteworthy Euros advertisements have included the Coca-Cola campaign, which brilliantly utilised star players to endorse their products, creating a strong association with the event. Nike’s ‘Write the Future’ advertisements captivated audiences with high-energy, cinematic storytelling featuring top footballers. Heineken’s ‘UEFA Champions League’ commercials stood out for their humour and clever integration of match-viewing scenarios.  

Adidas effectively leveraged its sponsorship by highlighting cutting-edge sports gear worn by prominent teams. The Volkswagen ‘We Drive Football’ series resonated well, emphasising the brand's commitment to supporting the sport. Lastly, Hyundai's engaging fan-centric campaigns brought a sense of community and excitement, enhancing its brand visibility during the tournament. 

How Are You Going to Grasp This Opportunity? 

With a summer packed with enthralling sport on the horizon, now is the time for brands to stamp their authority over the field. Creativity will be key to distinguishing yourself from competitors, with a plethora of companies across the continent battling for the attention of the masses. Will you be looking at jumping on the bandwagon? 

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