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Whether it is strategically deciding the best way to implement acquisition or merger activity, or building out an effective “Buy & Build” model, we work with venture capital, private equity, and portfolio business leaders to ensure the maximum value return is generated from every M&A transaction.
Champions (uk) PLC M&A.

Want to reduce costs and increase profit?

From what will guarantee the best return to what will pose the most risk, our M&A consulting services can help make the decision somewhat simpler.

When done correctly and efficiently, mergers and acquisitions can reduce both cost and inefficiencies. With the ability to increase turnover whilst reducing shared costs, a merger and acquisition strategy can deliver exponential results for your investors. 

However, this is not without its risks and challenges. Where it is the cultural or brand alignment of the different organisations, or the clarity around which of the assets and activities deliver the most value return, Champions is your strategic partner to successfully navigate and evaluate your M&A activities. 

We will highlight the opportunities within sales and marketing strategies around lead generation, conversion, and the cross-sell of the expanded pool of products and services.  

We work with our clients and partners, analysing their existing sales and marketing activities, combined with data analysis of their customer base and alignment of their brands and cultures, to map the roadmap to exponential capital value growth from M&A activities.


Our full-service facilities eliminate the inefficiency of the traditional multiagency model and bring award winning industry insight and expertise to every growth partnership.

Here at Champions, we specialise in consumer behaviour and adopt a strategic approach that focuses on your objectives to build and sustain awareness, to differentiate you from the competition and to drive audience engagement to ensure the success of your merger or acquisition.

At Champions, we prioritise digital transformation, particularly at the beginning of an investment – and we measure this in a variety of ways, including:

  • Return on investment
  • Revenue growth
  • Customer retention
  • Metrics, such as engagement and lead generation
  • Employee productivity
  • Consumer data analysis
  • Cross sell maximisation

Interested in M&A consulting services?

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