Business Value (Multiples)

There’s much more to increasing multiples and business value than the initial investment. To reach the end goal of an increased multiple, investors must first ensure their investment has been appropriately digitalised and as business consultants, that’s where we come in.
Champions (uk) PLC Business Values (multiples).

Reduce expenses, increase value

We evaluate the current value of a business's brand and its sales and marketing strategy. As business consultants, we work with our partners to create a capital creation plan to increase business value and multiple to aid a successful exit.

An increased EBITDA will immediately make a business more valuable, and will therefore enhance its multiple, providing a better opportunity for its eventual exit in 3-5 years. 

The multiple should be considered prior to entering a deal, and a business consultant can evaluate all tangible elements of a business to decide its current and future worth – considering much more than just finance. 


Accelerating business growth via increased multiples

Multiples are an easy way to evaluate a business’s value and compare it with others, allowing for a more informed and precise decision-making process throughout the business and investment lifecycle.

Taking into consideration cash flow performance, monetary assets, equity and customer perception, we understand that increasing a business’s value is much more complex than its financial worth. And, with the help of a business consultant, there are a number of ways to increase business value and therefore, multiples. 

In particular, reducing overall costs and minimising business expenses are the best ways to increase value. Often overlooked by businesses and investors, we ensure that the sales and marketing function runs as efficiently as possible and without any waste or unnecessary costs.


Ready to reach the ultimate business goal?

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