Supporting the business lifecycle

At Champions, we support businesses through every phase of the ‘business lifecycle’.
From start-ups and scale-ups right the way through to funding, investment, exit and IPO, we are the ultimate business growth partner, maximising profitability, business value and EBITDA.

Business lifecycle management

As leading business growth consultants, we know exactly what is expected throughout each and every step of the business lifecycle. The business lifecycle is a crucial journey – for both the business itself, and the investor. We utilise our years of industry experience to aid, nurture and guide our clients through each stage to ensure optimum success and growth is achieved via deal origination, value creation plans and brand asset value.

Champions (uk) PLC Start Up.
Start Up
Business start-up support doesn’t have to be in the form of finances and investment.

Start-up businesses should enlist the help and support of a business consultancy – one that can guide them through every step of their growth journey. 

Trusted growth advisory

One of the first things you should consider when investing in a business is brand equity and a value creation plan.

Referring to the value premium associated with the business, generated by products that are otherwise unique compared to the wider market, brand equity contributes towards making a brand recognisable and superior in its quality and reliability. 

A value creation plan can look to identify how the business can be improved in key areas and can increase the total value of a business. We can create value creation plans that provide a holistic overview of the specific areas of the business that can be improved upon, as well as supply a set of key actions that will be required to make these improvements, in order to help the business increase both EBITDA and market share.

Maximised your potential? Think again... There are no limits, and as a business consultancy, we work with investors throughout the entire lifecycle of the business.

  • Start-Up
  • Scale-Up
  • Investment and Funding
  • Exit
  • IPO

What’s your biggest challenge?



Getting started is always the most difficult, yet most exciting first step within the business lifecycle. We provide start-up businesses with everything they need to get going and will support them right the way through to the very end of their business lifecycle.


Just because you’re an SME doesn’t mean you can’t experience high growth or impressive ROI. If you’re a scale-up business, you’re in an imperative phase of growth and development, therefore it’s important to capitalise on everything you have to hand to achieve maximum success.

Investment and Funding

Seeking funding for business growth can be a difficult and time-consuming task, however it is one that will reap the most rewards. If you’re a business seeking investment, or a business investor looking for your next project, then we can help create enhanced business investment opportunities.


When exiting a business for whatever reason, the investor will be hoping for a profit upon their exit. There’s a lot to consider when exiting a business, or if you’re a business seeking to provide an investor with an exit – and we can help both businesses and investors create and implement an exit strategy to guarantee profit and success.
Business Growth

Business cycle growth definition

At Champions, we understand the different stages of business growth and can guide both businesses and investors through each and every stage of the business lifecycle.

Business cycle growth is defined by the growth rate of productivity combined with capital and production inputs. 

There can of course, be fluctuations in business cycle growth and it isn’t always linear. A business cycle will go through four phases; expansion, peak, contraction and trough – all of which make up the business cycle. 

From start-up, through to implementing the perfect exit strategy, we have worked with businesses in all stages of the lifecycle for more than 20 years and have created specialist services, including valuation, deal origination and value creation plans to support and accelerate business growth. 


Improving business value

Whatever the current stage of a business, at Champions we explore current trading performance and activity of such and advise on the best ways this can be improved to maximise both brand and business value.

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