Aligning Sales & Marketing

The perfect combination
Many businesses separate sales and marketing, when they should work in perfect harmony together.  We provide expert analyses of all aspects of our clients' sales and marketing activity, giving clear direction on how it can be improved. Our holistic multi-channel expertise and more than 20 years of experience building reach and market share for our clients allow us to advise on ways to improve your marketing returns, as well as help deliver them.
Aligning Sales & Marketing.

Disappointed in your results? 

Sales and marketing were designed to work together, so why are so many businesses keeping them apart? 

We work with many clients on their sales and marketing functions; however, we focus on sales and marketing alignment best practices and combine the two to achieve the ultimate result of boosting business value and growth. 

Sales and marketing are pivotal tools for businesses seeking growth. When used together, they can generate quality leads, an increase in revenue and allows business owners and therefore businesses, to form stronger, longer-lasting relationships with customers. 

Do you know your KPIs?

Together, sales and marketing are an unstoppable tool to support and kickstart business growth.  

Marketers help sales teams to better understand their audience and end user, while the sales team implement the strategy set out and developed by the marketers. After all, both functions share the same end goal. 

Here’s what you can expect when you align sales and marketing with Champions as a consultative growth partner...

  • Results
  • Business growth
  • New opportunities
  • Improved inbound lead generation
  • Increase in revenue and returns
  • Stronger, long-lasting relationships
  • Improve inbound lead generation
  • Launch new products or services
  • Enter new verticals, territories and industries

We're more than your average business consultancy

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