Six Must-Do's to Turbocharge your Digital Marketing and Accelerate your Journey to Growth & Success

By Matthew Hayes, Managing Director, Champions UK plc.

Digital marketing continues to be a vital aspect of business success, and 2023 will be no different.

Make no mistake, if you are not on top of your marketing and up to date with the ever-evolving changes in the digital world, then you're at risk of being left behind. 

At Champions UK Plc our team specialise in creating digital marketing strategies which put our business partners on a path towards growth and success. 

There are six key things any business should look to do to turbocharge their digital marketing:

1. Set a strategy 

We all know the importance of a business strategy. It provides a vision for the future. It validates an organisation's values. It sets a framework for impending decisions. So, why wouldn’t you have a strategy that does likewise for digital marketing plans? Having a strategy in place from day one is vital.

2. Set your goals and objectives

At the heart of your strategy needs to be goals. Set them, and make sure they are measurable.

Some examples of goals could be:

  • Increasing brand awareness 

  • Having the CEO become a recognised industry authority 

  • Refer to data and reporting so you know where you are with your goals 

  • Increasing engagement on your social media channels 

  • Boosting visitors to your product website 

  • Making your goals specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-limited.

3. Look left and right (AKA competitor analysis)

You should look at other businesses in your industry and see what they’re doing right and ask: can I replicate their strategy and success?

There are lots of tools available to help with this. You shouldn’t pinch anyone’s digital marketing strategy outright but it’s definitely worth looking around your industry to get inspiration, or even learn what isn’t working.

4. Define your digital marketing channels

Choose your digital marketing channels based on your customer base, your goals, and what is working, today, in your industry. You might opt for email marketing, social media, PPC advertising, SEO or most likely, a combination of all four.

5. Review and spread your content

We hear it a lot: “content is king”, but it’s true of all digital marketing strategies. Your content strategy should join up all the channels you’re going to use and ensure that they complement each other. Your content strategy should also define your brand voice, including design templates, your colour palette, and whether you write in formal or conversational language.

Your content might be amazing, but it counts for little if it’s not being shared widely. How will you do this? It could be through a process of content marketing, which includes building backlinks or asking companies in adjacent industries to refer to your business in their content or share your relevant blog post on their social channels. You can also use paid ads to boost the reach of your content, for example, you could promote your latest TikTok about a cool product feature. Working with influencers to highlight your recent campaign can help you gain more attention from their audience and drive the action that you’re looking for from your marketing campaign.

6. Calls to action to convert

Providing clear and consistent calls to action (CTAs), whether this be within content or part of paid advertising campaigns, can help to increase conversions.

CTAs provide consumers with a quick and easy way to perform a key goal for a business, such as visiting the website, viewing a specific landing page, signing up to a newsletter or filling out a contact form/getting in touch with the business.

Without an obvious, easy to follow CTA, the user journey has nowhere else to go, which could cause it to abruptly end - this means you could lose out on potential conversions or goal completions.