Successful Festive Campaigns of 2022

Festive Hedgehog.

December 6th, 2022

What is it that makes a successful festive campaign? What are the ingredients to triumph over all the other noise out there?

Emotion? Nostalgia? Magic? Meaningful music? Relatability? Spreading warmth and happiness? Shareability? Well, yes pretty much all the above. Especially emotion. It must avoid any types of hard sell, thinking less about the creative appeal and focus more on the emotional appeal.

The best Christmas campaigns are the ones that take you on a journey, that help you forget everything around you for those few moments and embrace the pure magic of the festivities.

The recent years have seen us face difficult times, the pandemic, the increasing cost of living, climate change – and this year is no different. Now you must take these factors into consideration too, so how DO you create a feel good yet poignant and relevant campaign?

Well, we’ve manged to find 3 campaigns this year that have successfully done just this.

So, who are we loving this year??

National Trust

Based on the adorable factor alone, this is a winner for me but the important message behind this campaign makes this even more precious.

Set to the classic carol ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ this 60 second campaign features an array of woodland animals sliding down ropes as they seek out presents in order to swap with one other. Up-cycling, recycling and sustainability is at the heart of the organisation, and this is clearly reflected in this advert. From recyclable wrapping paper, plantable gift tags that grow into

wildflowers, the message is crystal clear: we must all do our bit to become much more conscious and give nature the gift of a greener Christmas.

This advert successfully creates that beautiful warm feeling inside while reminding us of the importance of sustainability. It’s captivating, it’s delightful, all wrapped in festive loveliness.


Is it possible to include a company on our ‘most successful seasonal campaign of 2022’ that purposely took the decision to NOT produce a festive campaign this year? Wait until you hear why! The Co-op decided to ditch its Christmas advert for 2022 in a bid to instead, raise awareness of community food projects as inflation has now soared to a 40-year high. The coop took the decision to not spend their budget on TV advertising and instead channel funds into cost of living support for its colleagues, members customers and communities investing in the network of ‘Your Local Pantry’ shops – the membership-based food scheme and community hubs where Brits can pick up food at a discount.

Co-op chief executive Shirine Khoury-Haq said: “In doing so we will be shining a light on the need to support vital community causes, throughout the year and not just at Christmas, especially with a deep recession looming.” The company is striving to save Local Pantry members almost £5 million on shopping bills and continuing to support them so over the next few years.

And that’s why the coop made our list this year!


This charming advert released by Barbour for Christmas 2022 celebrates the joy of giving that very special present that means so much while also including the important message of sustainability. Not only is it completely heart-warming but it also features a little, furry national treasure.

The campaign shows the adorable Paddington Bear going off in search of the perfect present for his slightly grumpy neighbour Mr Curry. Instead of purchasing a jar of marmalade from his local market, he decides to re home the perfect jacket, leaving it on Mr Curry’s doorstep with a gift tag saying, “This jacket is one of a kind, just like you.”

Paul Wilkinson, group marketing director & MD, USA, Barbour, said “We have been able to demonstrate in a humorous and sentimental way, the importance of upcycling and how much a thoughtful and unique present can mean particularly at Christmas time” This is a very timely message from Barbour with the issue of fast fashion and the impact it is continuing to have on the environment.

This advert really has it all, it holds our attention, it’s wholesome, it’s nostalgic, it’s poignant, it’s relevant and also includes a nod to the bear’s association with her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which is bound to fill viewers with fondness and admiration for our late Queen.

Another successfully recipe.

So, proof that even during these difficult times, it’s still possible to create a raw and powerful message at Christmas Time. You don’t have to avoid talking about the hardships. There is a difference between making a campaign about times of crisis, and a campaign about how people carry on and celebrating during times of crisis. You don’t need to tip toe around the elephant in the room, nor do you need to have all the answers, it's about giving people hope to get through these times in the best way possible. People want to feel comfort and reassurance. During these circumstances, it’s paramount that you connect on a human level else it’s make or break for your brand.

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